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Add Zeraora to mixed wallbreakers and Hydreigon to Defog (as it has a niche in doing so.)
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Looks really good, but here's what should be added.

Physical wallbreakers:

Choice Band:

Choice Scarf:

Swords Dance:

Also echoing Ruft's post about adding Clerics, I also think it should be added with most teams usually having a cleric on their team.
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May you also add:

Rhyperior to Stealth Rock
Terrakion to Choice Scarf
Cloyster to Spikes and Toxic Spikes
Diggersby to Physical Wallbreakers
Diggersby to Choice Band
Ludicolo to Swift Swim (Has a niche as a rain abuser.)
Umbreon to Wish
Umbreon to Heal Bell
Shedinja to Shadow Sneak
Maybe Quagsire to Curse?

Finally, I think Acid Armor should be added as a category in Setup Sweepers for Reuniclus as it walls physical Pokemon better and boosts its Stored Power.

Ty for understanding
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May you also add:
Torkoal to Rapid Spin
Torkoal to Stealth Rock
Celebi to Choice Scarf
Celebi to Stealth Rock
And Keldeo to Calm Mind?

Add Shuckle to Sticky Webs and Stealth Rock, as it has been seeing a lot more usage in HO teams.

Add Hippowdon to Defensive Pivots, as well as Rhyperior to Physically Defensive/Defensive Pivot.

Despite Choice Specs Chandelure being the most common set, I think CM variants also have some usage in OU, so it's worth mentioning.

Add Mamoswine to Choice Band, as that is it's main set.

The new release of Libero Cinderace is very well paired with Bulk Up, so it should also be considered a setup sweeper.

Dracovish has recently been banned, so you already know what to do.
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hey this is pretty good. Right off the bat here are a few things:

- Kommo-o to Physically Defensive
- Urshifu to Bulk Up (Notably Rapid Strike)
- Chansey to Defensive Pivots
- Seismitoad to Swift Swim
- Krookodile to Physical Wallbreakers (hits many things hard after Anger Point or a few Moxie boosts)
I've been having great success with physically defensive/defog Togekiss on the ladder, making it to the top 50. Definitely worth a mention in the physical walls category as it counters a number of threats like Urshifu and Rillaboom
Hey TPP, nice list! Here are more of my changes.
Choice Scarf Clefable can easily annoy Pokemon by tricking a choice scarf onto them, such as Chansey/Blissey, Toxapex, Hippowdon, Mandibuzz, etc. it doesn't abuse it as much, but I believe it deserves a spot here.
Physically Defensive Mandibuzz has been drifting more to physically defensive as the metagame changed, mainly to better deal with threats like Rillaboom, Alolan Marowak, and Excadrill. You can keep it in the 'Mixed Sets' section, but mentioning this set would be nice.
Offensive Pivots With U-Turn, Urshifu is a strong breaker that can bring in many Pokemon.
Defensive Pivots Blissey is a much better pivot than Chansey thanks to HDB + Teleport, so it definitely deserves a mention.
Defog Galar Weezing is a niche pick on balance teams that can remove hazards with Defog, so I would add it along with the other Pokemon included.
Offensive Pivots They both have pivoting moves (Volt Switch, Flip Turn) and a decent amount of offensive presence this gen.
Choice Specs
I don't see Keldeo too much lately, but Choice Specs can break through things pretty hard paired with a high Speed stat.
Choice Scarf Like Clefable, Choice Scarf can be used to be tricked onto passive Pokemon, while Gengar is also great offensively and maintains a high Speed tier with it.

These are just my picks, add what you feel is right.
Would it be worth it adding a Trick-user section? Could fit under Pivot or perhaps Choice-user section. Trick / Switcheroo has been useful in dealing with bulkier threats moreso this gen than last. It cripples a lot of walls and allows sweepers to set up on would-be counters.

I’ve been using a weird Mew set as my Trick user, but Jirachi, Magearna, Indeedee have all been fairly popular users as well. I’m sure there are more I haven’t thought of.


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Is vaporeon really relevant here? Being forced to use wish protect when Urshifu is around doesn't sound good at all, and pex bring way more utility and role compression.

Also, it had 0.4% usages last month
Some suggestions based on OLT trends and general meta development

-Add Shuckle to Sticky Web
-Add Terrakion to Stealth Rock
-Add Toxtricity to mixed wallbreakers
-Remove Vaporeon from walls
-Add Alolan Raichu to Nasty Plot (Rising Voltage spam)
-Add Zarude to Bulk Up, Band, Scarf
-Create Quick Attack section under priority, add Scizor and Diggersby
-Add Kyurem to Mixed Wallbreakers, and possibly to Dragon Dance

and take out Cinderace and Magearna whenever it’s convenient :heart:
Here are some of my suggestions to change:

Add Togekiss to Clerics (Heal Bell) since the recommended Smogon OU set for Togekiss is a Nasty Plot Set with Air Slash, Roost, and Heal Bell. Here is the set for reference:

Togekiss @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 HP / 120 Def / 136 Spe
Timid Nature
- Nasty Plot
- Air Slash
- Roost
- Heal Bell

EDIT: Also add Urshifu-R to Choice Band users, since it only specifies Urshifu-S uses CB.
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Echoing sentiments in this thread, i'd recommend creating a trick section, as there are many good users of it like togekiss, rotom-wash, clefable, and chandelure at the least. I also think we should remove sirfetch'd from the list, it isn't even ranked on the OU vr and it has no merit using in the metagame at the moment.
gallade needs to be added , it takes care of chansey/ gallade , and toxapex , SD and shadow sneak takes care of ghosts
Here are some of my suggestions for the OP.


Although there’s no section for it yet, I think Meteor Beam needs to be added to the sweepers section with Necrozma under it. It has been seen in OLT as a sweeper on high-ladder HO teams, so it definitely deserves a spot.


I think Dragapult should be added to the Sucker Punch section in priority, since it has the choice to run Dragon Dance and Sucker Punch in order to revenge kill worn down foes or those that speed tie and outspeed it.


Urshifu-R should be added to the Choice Band users section since it is a bit odd that only Urshifu-S is there and it is a bit odd that there’s no Urshifu-R. And yes, this is echoing my previous post.

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